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 This was a new site that was launched in July, 2010.

A place where you can start a good PennDot rumor because there are plenty of them.

Enjoy talking about PennDot rumors and facts on this forum based site.


Forum topics include PennDot Rumors, PennDot issues, Consultants, Contractors, and Pennsylvania Politicians. Issues include personnel, projects, promotions, politicians, sports, and messed up situations of all kinds. So come in and have fun.

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This site is in no way affiliated with PennDot, so your First Amendment Rights can be freely exercised here without any backlash from The Department. So go ahead, say what ever is on your mind.

Every time you log in to The PennDot Rumor Page, you will do so using your very own unique User Name (Your Alias Name). No one will really no who you are unless you mistakenly tell someone. (And if you do, sorry about your Luck)


PennDot Rumor

If you heard something and you are not sure if it is a rumor or a fact that would qualify to be repeated on this forum, just ask yourself if what you heard can be defined below:

A Rumor- On this site the definition of a PennDot rumor can have many different meanings such as: a scandal, buzz, scuttlebutt, hearsay, news, talk, comments, gossip, a tattle, or something you just heard and want to pass it on to everyone else.

A Fact- Some thing you know to be true or you are pretty sure it is.

So if what you are considering repeating on this Forum meets our standards of a PennDot Rumor or Fact, its OK to add it to this site.

Another words: “If you heard it, It’s worth repeating”

You can begin by entering The PennDot Rumor Page/ FORUM 

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If you are employed by PennDot, a consulting firm that does business with PennDot, or a contractor that does business with PennDot, this forum will serve many purposes for you. It will become a very valuable and a fun place to check into often. The inside grapevine is essential for all of you to be up to date as to what’s going on. It is the Life’s Blood of the combined group.

If you are a politician, or anyone else not associated with any of the groups above, this site is probably not worth your time, you just won’t get it. Get It!

As soon as you enter the forum site, be sure to bookmark The PennDot Rumor Page/ FORUM, and don’t forget to log-in, or register if you haven’t done so before.


And remember, “You have a friend in Pennsylvania,” so please try to keep it friendly.


PennDot is a very large government agency. This site is for those groups mentioned above that deal with issues pertaining to developing and maintaining our highway infrastructure in Pennsylvania.

The Department of Transportation has many other facets that are not necessarily discussed in this forum such as the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Dept. of Motor Vehicles deals with such things as a drivers license, drivers permit, vehicle registrations, etc. If you arrived here looking for information regarding your driver license, drivers permit, vehicle registrations, etc., you can CLICK HEREto navigate to the proper site where that group will be happy to accommodate you.

If you arrived here looking for a place to participate in the Adopt a Highway Program, you can CLICK HEREto navigate to that site.

Thank you for visiting our site.

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PennDot Inspectors

PennDot Inspectors

Click Here

PennDot Inspectors

If you are an inspector looking to hook-up with a consulting firm to be an inspector on a PennDot Project or Pennsylvania Turnpike Job, follow the link above to see others inspectors posting a summary about themselves. A place where you also can advertise/promote yourself for this type of work. You may use a fictitious name to talk about yourself to remain anonymous on the forum until you make contact with consulting firms that you feel comfortable with.

Consulting Firms looking for PennDot Inspectors

Consulting Firms looking for PennDot Inspectors to contact for available positions that you have, or upcoming projects you would like to contact perspective PennDot Inspectors to use on your project Statement’s of Interest.

Consulting Firms may feel free to post on the forum advertising your PennDot Inspector needs.

Consulting firm are also encouraged to advertize themselves on the forum with your actual consulting firm name and useable address and/or email address where PennDot Inspectors can make contact with you. As you know, with the new Labor and Industry rules for inspectors to maintain their unemployment status, they will need to have a long list of consulting firms to send their resumes to during a multi-month lay-off period over the winter months, or at the end of their current project in case they end up being laid-off for a period of time until their next project starts up.

This seems unfair that inspectors will need to make contact with other consulting firms during their lay-off period, but they are now required to make contact with few potential employers each and every week to keep their unemployment claim open in most cases, unless, in the case where you are laid-off, you get an official re-start date. This does not happen very often. Of course, inspectors may certainly send their resumes to other industries not related to inspection work, but many of you may want to sit out the lay-off period just waiting for your next project to start. Why take a chance sending your resume to potential employers in non-related industries, and how embarrassing would it be if they wanted to hire you at a much lower rate per hour than what you are making as an inspector. How would you explain that to the Unemployment Office that you turned down work while in the midst of your unemployment claim. 

This new Labor and Industry regulation is not fair to inspectors that want to continue working for their current employers. Think about it, as soon as you get laid-off, you will need to send your resume out to other consulting firms, of which you may get offers that you don’t like, and may have to accept to satisfy Labor and Industry.

And it certainly is not fair to the consulting firms that do business with PennDot and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. As soon as you lay-off your inspectors, they are going to be sending their resumes out to all of your competition just to satisfy the new Labor and Industry regulations.

So if all of you PennDot Inspectors and consulting firms would like to comment about the L&I Regulations, feel free to use the forum to do so.

Click Here to Enter the Forum

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